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Die Europäische Organisation für Technische Zulassungen (EOTA) - EUROPEAN ORGANISATION FOR TECHNICAL APPROVALS ist beauftragt die Zulassungs-Institutionen der Mitgliedstaaten zu vereinen um somit europäische technische Zulassungen (ETAs) herauszugeben.

The European Organisation for Technical Approvals (EOTA) comprises the Approval Bodies nominated to issue European Technical Approvals (ETAs) by EU Member States and EFTA States who have contracted to the European Economic Area Agreement.

A construction product with an ETA, satisfying the Attestation of Conformity provisions, can carry CE marking and can be placed on the market in any of these EEA countries. EOTA has been constituted as a legal body under Belgian law, with four organisational levels: Plenary Meeting - Executive Commission - Technical Board - Working Groups.

The role of EOTA is primarily to monitor and progress the drafting of ETA Guidelines (ETAGs) and to co-ordinate all activities relating to the issuing of ETA's. EOTA operates in close co-operation with the European Commission, EFTA, CEN, European trade associations and industrial organisations, who are also present as observers at various EOTA levels. EOTA is born out of the Construction Products Directive 89/106/EC (CPD). The goal of the CPD is the removal of technical barriers in the construction products sector through :

  • compliance of works with the six Essential Requirements
  • transformation of the six Essential Requirements to product requirements by means of Interpretative Documents
  • determination of performances for products used in the works by technical specifications
  • attestation of conformity of the product
  • CE marking of the product

Products are fit for their intended use if they comply with a Harmonised Standard, a European Technical Approval or a non-harmonised technical specification recognised at EC level.


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